Everyday breakfast

Meals, snacks and drinks that meet the minimum food and drink benchmark


  • e.g. flakes, bran, rice, corn, muesli, porridge.
  • No sugary cereals or added confectionery, preferably wholegrain
  • (if unsure, use HSR 3.5 and above)


  • e.g. wholemeal, multigrain, white, rye, Turkish, Lebanese, lavash, focaccia, pita, tortillas, wraps, rolls, bagels, English muffins, crumpets, un-iced fruit bread and buns Includes gluten-free varieties.


  • e.g. Greek, natural, plain, soy, flavoured (excludes coconut-milk yoghurts) No added confectionery


  • Fresh, frozen and canned fruit in juice (not in syrup).


  • e.g. boiled, poached, scrambled, omelettes

Baked beans

  • Canned or home-made

Liquid Breakfast drinks

  • Maximum portion size:
    • 300mL (primary school)
    • 500mL (secondary school)
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