Occasional drinks

Meals, snacks and drinks that meet the minimum food and drink benchmark

Sugary drinks and energy drinks (should NOT be sold)

e.g. all of the following drinks with any added sugars: soft drink, flavoured water, sports waters, sports drinks, fruit drinks, coconut waters, cordials, slushies and frozen fruit drinks; plus all energy drinks (including sugar-free versions).

Sugary drinks include all drinks with any types of sugar added to them, except milk. These include drinks sweetened with regular sugar (sucrose), fructose, glucose, honey/syrup and fruit juice concentrates.

Energy drinks include drinks with caffeine and/or guarana added to them. They are often carbonated.

Coffee (secondary school only)

  • preferably made with reduced-fat milk.
  • all coffee, e.g. coffee made with water (with or without milk), latte, cappuccino, mocha and iced coffee.
  • coffee is not to be provided to primary school students.

Maximum portion size

  • 500mL
  • ensure that smaller sizes are available and promoted.

Thickshakes/smoothies (with ice-cream/gelato/sorbet)

  • preferably made with reduced-fat milk.
  • maximum added ice-cream/gelato/sorbet 125mL (3.5 stars and above).

Maximum portion size

  • 300mL primary school.
  • 500mL secondary school.

Diet soft drinks

  • all diet soft drinks, including fruit juices diluted with plain/sparkling water and sweetened with intense sweeteners (such as stevia or aspartame) may have added flavouring, but no added sugars.
  • caffeinated diet soft drinks are not to be provided to primary school students.

Maximum portion size

  • 250mL primary school
  • 500mL secondary school
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