Occasional hot food

Meals, snacks and drinks that meet the minimum food and drink benchmark

Occasional food and drinks that have a Health Star Rating of less than 3.5 or are larger than the maximum portion size should not be sold in your school canteen.

These items are recommended to be sold as a meal rather than a snack.

Check out the Recipe ideas for healthier hot food recipes to include on your school canteen menu.

Toasties/sausage sizzles/jacket potato/pasta with Occasional fillings

  • containing Occasional fillings bacon, sausages, salami, deli chicken, coated/crumbed meat (e.g. chicken schnitzels) see maximum portion sizes for these ingredients, below.

Maximum portion size of meal

  • 250g (primary schools)
  • 350g (secondary schools)

Processed meat (served hot or cold)

  • e.g. bacon, devon, salami, deli chicken, frankfurts/hot dogs (beef, lamb and chicken varieties)
  • do not crumb or batter

Maximum portion size

  • 60g

Crumbed or coated food (served hot or cold)

  • e.g. crumbed chicken fillets, patties, nuggets, strips, tenders, schnitzels, fish fingers, arancini balls, sausages, crumbed and coated meat alternatives, coated falafel and crumbed or coated vegie burgers.

Maximum portion size

  • 140g

Hot potato products

  • e.g. chips, hash browns, wedges, gems, scallops, skins, potato bakes.
  • do not add salt or salty seasoning.

Maximum portion size

  • 100g

Garlic bread and cheese and bacon rolls – commercial and canteen made

  • garlic bread and bread types topped with processed meat and cheese (e.g. cheese and bacon rolls).

Maximum portion size

  • ½ English muffin/pita or 1 slice of bread or 1 thick breadstick slice or 75g.


  • e.g. meat pies, chicken pies, vegetable pies, party pies.

Maximum portion size

  • 180g all pies (except potato-top pies, 250g).

Sausage rolls and savoury pastries

  • e.g. sausage rolls, spring rolls, samosas, quiche, filled pastries, cheese and spinach triangles.

Maximum portion size

  • 120g.

Tacos and nachos with corn chips or hard taco shells

  • use Everyday ingredients e.g. lean beef, lean skinless chicken or bean.

Maximum portion size

  • 140g (including maximum 30g corn chips or hard taco shells).

Instant flavoured noodles (do not serve dry)

Maximum portion size

  • 1 individual packet (75g maximum dry pack weight).

Packaged ready-to-heat or commercial pizza

  • includes all commercial and packaged pizzas regardless of toppings.

Maximum portion size

  • 250g primary schools
  • 350g (or 1–2 slices from a large pizza) secondary schools
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