Menu item ready reckoner

Meals, snacks and drinks that meet the minimum food and drink criteria

The 'Menu item ready reckoner' helps improve your healthy school canteen by providing examples of Everyday food, meals, snacks and drinks to fill your menu. It also has examples of Occasional products that you should limit or, in the case of sugary drinks, not provide.

Fill your menu at least ¾ full with Everyday food and drinks:

Items are listed by menu section (cold food, hot food, snacks, drinks and breakfast) and you'll find information about how to select the appropriate item in each food group for both packaged and freshly prepared food. You will also find the required portion sizes for primary and secondary students.

Kindergarten to Year 12 (K–12) schools

K–12 school canteens are encouraged to provide differentiated portion sizes to meet the recommended limits for both primary and secondary students, except where it isn't practical to provide separate portion sizes for each group. You should aim to provide primary students with the lower maximum portion sizes and limit access to caffeinated drinks (such as diet cola and coffee) to secondary students only.

Sugary drinks and energy drinks should not be sold in school canteens or vending machines.

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