Menu Check

What is a menu check?

The NSW School Canteen Menu Check Service can verify if a school canteen is meeting the Food and Drink Criteria of NSW Healthy School Canteen Strategy.

Schools that pass the menu check receive the Great Choice Badge and an achievement certificate. The school name is included in the list of NSW schools meeting the Strategy . Displaying the badge and certificate in the canteen and on the school website informs the broader school community that the canteen is committed to improving student’ health and wellbeing.

How do I prepare for a menu check?

Before submitting your menu and application form to the Menu Check Service you should first spend time reviewing your canteen menu against the Food and Drink Criteria. This will ensure your menu has the best chance of achieving the Strategy. Please see the Food and Drink Criteria booklet (PDF 4.68MB) for more information on the Criteria. You can also contact your local support services for help reviewing your menu and completing the application form.

What application form do I use?

P&C/P&F and school run canteens can complete the Standard Menu Check Application Form below. The form contains all the instructions and submission details.
* Standard Menu Check Application form (PDF 512KB))

If you are a licensed canteen provider who operates only a few canteens you may choose to use the Standard Application Form above or the Master Menu Application Form below. If you operate more than two school canteens you are advised to use the Master Menu Application Form. Before deciding on what application form to complete, please read the factsheet Understanding the Menu Check Service – Information for licenced providers (PDF 540KB).
* Master Menu Check Application form (PDF 471KB)

If you are a canteen manager working in a licensed canteen you need to complete the Short Individual Application form below after your provider has passed the master menu check – make sure you speak with your licensed provider before completing any forms.
* Licenced provider short Application form (PDF 296KB)

If you are unsure of what application form to use or if you have any other questions about the application process, please contact the NSW Menu Check Service using the following details:
Phone: 02) 9133 8711

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