Confectionery and sweet snacks

All confectionery is an Occasional food.

Most or all confectionery will have a Health Star Rating lower than 3.5 stars, so should not be sold in NSW school canteens and vending machines.

What is confectionery?

  • chocolate, e.g. chocolate bars, individual chocolates, chocolate coatings, choc-chips, chocolate spreads.
  • lollies, cough lollies, eucalyptus drops, chewing gum with sugar.
  • liquorice, fruit gummies, jelly sticks, dessert-type jelly (including those with fruit added), icing, 100s and 1000s.
  • carob-type confectionery, carob coatings, yoghurt-type confectionery or yoghurt-coated food and food containing confectionery.

Why does confectionery not meet 3.5 stars and above?

Confectionery is high in added sugar and kilojoules and has no nutritional value. Due to its high sugar content, sticky texture and because they are often kept in the mouth for a long time, confectionery can cause tooth decay.

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends less than 10% of total energy should come from free sugars. Data from the Australian Health Survey (2011–12) found ¾ of 9–18 year-olds exceeded this recommendation. A leading source of free sugars was confectionery.  This is why confectionery has been restricted in the NSW Healthy School Canteen Strategy to a Health Star Rating of 3.5 stars and above and by portion size.

What Everyday sweet snacks can be sold instead?

  • fresh fruit and dried fruit (uncoated).
  • bread, fruit bread and buns (without icing).
  • breakfast cereal and milk.
  • scones, pikelets and pancakes.
  • yoghurt, custard, some ice-creams, frozen yoghurts and ice blocks..

Make Everyday snacks at least ¾ of your snacks menu

Everyday snacks should be at least ¾ of your snacks menu. For example, if you sell 8 snack products, at least 6 must be Everyday snack options.

Make Occasional snacks no more than ¼ of your snacks menu

Occasional snacks must make up no more than ¼ of your snacks menu. For example, if you have a total of 8 snacks items on your menu, no more than 2 can be Occasional.

Occasional foods also have portion limits. Check the Ready reckoner for the required portion sizes of foods.

In some Occasional food categories, a limited range of products will score 3.5 stars and above. Use alternative Occasional foods or make healthier versions. See our Occasional fruit muffin recipe for an example.

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