Salty snacks and snack tables

Only provide salty snacks with a Health Star Rating of 3.5 stars and above, and do not exceed maximum portion size of 30g.

What are salty snacks?

  • potato crisps, corn chips, vegetable chips, grain chips, pretzels.
  • extruded snacks such as cheese/BBQ-flavoured puffs, twists.
  • flavoured or salted rice snacks and crackers, noodle snacks.
  • soy crisps, popcorn (salted/flavoured/microwave) and legume snacks.

Why should we have less-salty snacks?

Australian children are consuming well above recommended maximum levels of salt, which increases their risk of high blood pressure. Most of the salt is consumed in packaged foods. The Australian Health Survey (2011–13) found 1 in 10 children ate salty snacks every day.

Salty snack foods are also high in kilojoules and may contain unhealthy levels of saturated fat. They should be enjoyed only sometimes and in small amounts. School canteens and vending machines should provide healthier nutritious Everyday snacks instead of salty snacks.

What Everyday savoury snacks can be sold instead?

  • English muffins, plain wholegrain crackers, crispbreads.
  • rice and corn cakes, vegetables, falafels, dip.
  • cheese, boiled eggs.
  • popcorn (plain, air-popped).

Make Everyday  snacks at least ¾ of the snacks menu

Everyday snacks should be at least ¾ of all your snacks menu. For example, if you sell 8 snack products, at least 6 must be Everyday snack options.

For a healthier choice, look for products that are 3.5 stars and above.

Make Occasional  snacks no more than ¼ of your snacks menu

Occasional snacks should make up no more than ¼ of your snacks menu. For example, if you have a total of 8 snack items on your menu, no more than 2 can be Occasional.

Occasional foods also have portion limits. Check the Ready reckoner for the required portion sizes of foods.

In some Occasional food categories, a limited range of products will score 3.5 stars and above.  Use alternative Occasional foods or make healthier versions.

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