Check out the Essentials shopping list for a list of suitable ingredients when making healthy Everyday food and drinks.

Tips for making your own healthy recipes

Everyday food and ingredients from the Essentials shopping list = Everyday meal or snack.

Modify your recipes so they are healthier, by using ingredients that are lower in saturated fat, salt and added sugar, and adding more fibre.

Swap Occasional ingredients for healthier Everyday ones. For example, swap crumbed chicken for lean roast beef or lean, skinless chicken in sandwiches and wraps, or turn a spinach quiche into a frittata (same recipe without the pastry).

Switching to healthier options
Instead of thisUse this
Adding salt Fresh or dried herbs and spices
Butter Oil or reduced-salt margarine spread
Cream, sour cream Reduced fat milk, ricotta, natural yoghurt
White bread, wraps and rollsWholegrain breads (e.g. wholemeal)
White flourWholemeal flour
White riceBrown rice
PastaWholemeal pasta
Shortcrust pastryFilo pastry
SugarReduce recipe amount by ¼ of experiment with cooking sweeteners
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