Basic yummy smoothie

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image of a fruit smoothie
image of fruit smoothie


  • 1.2L (when fruit option is added).
  • maximum portion size:
    • 250mL primary school.
    • 500mL secondary school.


  • berry smoothie: Use 2 cups of mixed frozen berries.
  • mango smoothie: Use 2 cups of frozen mango.
  • banana smoothie: Use 2 cups of soft bananas.
  • flavour boosters: Add one tablespoon of honey, malt powder, cocoa powder, cinnamon or nutmeg.
  • fibre boosters: Before blending, add a breakfast cereal wheat brick, a tablespoon of oat/wheat bran, or a tablespoon of chia seeds.
  • dairy-free smoothie: Substitute milk for 1 cup soy milk, and yoghurt for 1 cup soy yoghurt or ½ cup silken tofu (all options have a HSR > 3.5).


  • fruit can be peeled, chopped and frozen in zip-lock bags ahead of time.
  • use frozen fruit such as berries or mango for a thicker smoothie.
  • this recipe can be multiplied for larger batches or frozen in cups with paddle-pop sticks for smoothie ‘pop’ snack.

Note: adding ice cream/gelato/sorbet (HSR > 3.5) or more than 1 tablespoon of syrup or honey makes a smoothie Occasional.

Recipe tested September 2016.

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