Master vege pasta sauce (and bolognese sauce option)

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image of a bowl of pasta and Bolognese sauce


  • 20 serves of sauce


  • add extra vegetables such as kidney beans, lentils, capsicum and green beans. Can be used for:
    • pasta bolognese
    • lasagne
    • burrito filling
    • pizza
    • Occasional Nachos (with plain unsalted (HSR > 3.5) corn chips.
  • maximum portion size for variations 250g (primary schools) and 350g (secondary schools).
  • adding Occasional toppings to these variations will make the recipe Occasional.


  • you can use dried mixed herbs, or if herbs are grown in your school garden use fresh ones such as basil, rosemary and thyme.
  • this recipe freezes well.

Recipe tested September 2016.

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