Harnessing community support to promote and sustain the strategy

A positive attitude towards your Healthy School Canteen in your local and school community can encourage interest and momentum amongst the students and staff.

Promote in your local area

Engaging with your broader community through social media and the local media outlets is a great way to promote your school in general as well as the canteen's role in supporting healthy choices.

  • The Media Kit provides tips on how to use social media and the local press to share your success on the journey to becoming a Healthy School Canteen.
  • The Media Release Donut is a press release you can customise and send to your local press as a good news story for your school.
  • There is a customisable poster you can add your own photos of students enjoying healthy food choices from your Healthy School Canteen to promote more of the same.
  • To engage statewide support for Healthy School Canteens, photograph your students holding the #MyCanteenRules poster and share with the hashtag.

Promote in the school

Here are some suggestions on how you can promote your school canteen as a provider of healthy foods and drinks:

  • Encourage student-led initiatives to include promotion of the strategy
  • The school newsletter, school website and social media are great tools to promote the canteen and eg daily specials, meal deals etc
  • Display posters that can be personalised with photos of your own students enjoying the healthy food and drinks.
  • Include school canteen promotional efforts on various school meeting agendas (eg canteen volunteering) as a regular item.
  • Involve school community members in promotional activities to raise funds to improve the canteen’s physical environment for food preparation, presentation and eating areas. Picnic seating areas in primary schools and cafe tables in secondary schools within or near the canteen area can increase the canteen's appeal for students.
  • At school community events, acknowledge local businesses that provide financial, physical and/or in-kind resources and support to the school canteen.
  • Ask staff, student and community champions to promote the strategy at various school assemblies or at lunchtimes using a range of creative and engaging presentations.
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