Harnessing community support to promote and sustain the strategy

A positive attitude towards a Healthy School Canteen within the school community can encourage interest and momentum amongst the student body.

Here are some suggestions on how you can promote your school canteen as a provider of healthy foods and drinks:

  • Encourage student-led initiatives to include promotion of the strategy wherever possible.
  • Use the school newsletter, school website and social media platforms to share information about implementation and progress of the strategy, and general food and nutrition information.
  • Use the media kit to promote your canteen in your local community.
  • Display posters that can be personalised with photos of your own students enjoying the healthy food and drinks.
  • Include school canteen promotional efforts on a range of school meeting agendas (such as canteen volunteering) as a regular item.
  • Involve school community members in promotional activities to raise funds to improve the canteen’s physical environment for food preparation, presentation and eating areas. Picnic seating areas in primary schools and cafe tables in secondary schools within or near the canteen area will increase the canteen's appeal for students.
  • At school community events, acknowledge local businesses that provide financial, physical and/or in-kind resources and support to the school canteen.
  • Collaborate with local schools to improve buying power for fresh ingredients in the canteen menus. Canteen managers can also share promotional initiatives and assist each other with menu planning.
  • Ask staff, student and community champions to promote the strategy at various school assemblies or at lunchtimes using a range of creative and engaging presentations.
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