Planning for a Healthy School Canteen

Whether a school is developing, reviewing or updating a school canteen approach (including a new licence arrangement) the considerations listed below may be helpful.

  • rationale for a healthy school canteen.
  • community expectations of the canteen in relation to healthy foods and drinks.
  • goals to improve access to healthy foods and drinks, which align with the Healthy School Canteen Strategy.
  • canteen management and operational issues.
  • promotion and marketing activities.
  • sustainability.
  • a canteen support team, including students, parents and/or other community members.
  • school or community champions

By reviewing the approach at regular intervals, for example each year or every two years, the school community can be kept informed of the canteen’s progress towards healthier menu options.

Related information

Access information for schools on canteen licensing arrangements (staff only) from the department’s schools finance unit.

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